Mike in Greenland, 2009

Hello & welcome to the personal website of Mike Hamilton. The website consists of my current and past work, as well as the current feed to my life, links to images and video that I’ve taken, edited and has pushed my mind further. You’ll find the navigation bar at the top of this & every other page, on the site.

I’m a Website Designer, by week day and by the weekend, I’m on a Journey.

There are people out there, who have something that we as individuals want. But there is also something out there, that wants something that we have. Hopefully from yourself looking at this, there is something I can offer to you. Whether that would be a service, a story or an entertainment value, of sorts. I’m sure there is something that will tick a box.

If you’re part of a social online network, feel free to look me up, from the links to the left.